Frog Species Survival in the Presence of Dam Systems

Author(s): Jason Motley

Mentor(s): Richard Todd Stafford, Honors College


This research project is a literature review research paper which is attempting to answer the following question: how do dam systems affect changes in waterflow and how does this affect local populations of frogs? This research is significant because it has to do with the conservation of frog species in general as well as ecosystem ecology about how species react to human disturbances of their own accord. The information within the research paper was collected from credible peer reviewed primary and secondary sources. These various primary sources outline field research around real effects of dams on frog populations and ecosystems around the world. The paper analyzes the dams systems and their overall effect on the flow of natural waters, looking at where water is directed or where new sources of water appear. Then how does this change in natural water flow affect the frogs that rely so heavily on it as well as other organisms within the ecosystem food web which are preyed on or prey on frogs. The paper outlines how the human disturbances cause changes in water flow which directly affect a large ecosystem that frogs are a part of. Then it concludes with how all of this has effects on real populations of frogs in nature.

Video Transcript

Hello my name is Jason Motley and I hope you enjoyed my presentation on frog species survival in the presence of dam systems. The following presentation labeled frog species survival in the presence of dam system is a description of a literature review project that I have been working on this past semester and currently working on continuously. My research topic has to do with understanding how damn systems that appear in particular areas affect changes in water flow then how does this affect local populations of frogs that rely on that water flow does it negatively or positively affect them or do we see no change at all in that area. The research question of my project reads as following how do damn systems affect the flow of water and how does that in turn affect the local populations of frog species inhabiting those waters or areas around those waters. This research has to do with understanding how changes in water flow then affect the frogs population numbers how is their food supply affected habitat and breeding areas are important questions to understand researcher have also collected data about predators that are in the area how they are affected by the water as well. This research is important because centers around conservation efforts to preserve populations of frogs and their natural habitats the researchers within the scholarly texts are looking to see how the populations of frogs have change and weather has been negative impact or a positive impact or it has stayed the same over all this is very important for the scientific Community to understand but also very important for public knowledge. I stated early on in the slides this paper is a literature review therefore I have collected primary and some secondary sources and used the information found within them to answer my research question. These are the important concepts for my research paper agricultural games which are part of human disturbances and constructed a created behind or near agricultural dams as new sources of water changes in watershed our new sources of water. How does this affect land and vegetation population then at the bottom frog populations what is the environmental biodiversity look like are there populations of frogs present or absent in an area what is the predator-prey relationship between frogs and the predators are they being regulated at a normal pace as they were before and the migration rates are frogs migrating to new areas after dams are present. The anticipated outcome of this research which is why I am currently working on is a well-written highly scientific literature review which attempts to answer my research question addressing current knowledge and questions that have not yet been answered or not yet asked. So I said previously the effects of dams as a large portion of my paper that I’ll be going over. Dams can often cutoff local water supplies to areas and species that rely on them for them down stream this not only affects populations of organisms that are within the water but local fresh plants and other organisms that rely on the water for drinking and survival. Changes in that water flow is also an important part is something that I’ll be looking at as a cause of the dams presence this changing water flow may reduce the amount of water flowing downstream negatively affect species that rely on this water heavily. As a whole I will be looking at how the dam that’s affected populations of animals overall so if there is a population of plants that has been reduced due to the fact that there is no longer water running down stream how will in turn affect many populations of species that  work in a large food web but mainly focusing on how does that affect the local frog populations. From looking at the scholarly text the scholarly conversation seems to be asking the following what kinds of impacts are occurring to waterways as a result of the dam’s presence? How are environments downstream affected? When there is a lack of water present for the frogs what is their response? Is there a response at all and doesn’t it yield new populations nearby. The coastal tailed frog is a species of frog that I found in one of the texts that was affected by the dam systems that were in their area. They found increase migration rates to new areas establishing new populations. The painted reed frog in South Africa was also another population of frog that  was positively impacted by the presence of dams and actually migrated to the nearby waters behind the dams to grow new populations. These are my references. Thank you very much I hope you enjoy this presentation. 

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